Will Americans Report Cryptocurrency Gains On Their Tax Returns?

Cryptocurrency investors appear to be skirting their taxes. Whether keeping with crypto’s anti-establishment roots or for lack of ability, American cryptocurrency practitioners are testing the IRS’s tolerance for crypto tax evasion. Tax day in the United States is tomorrow, April 17, 2018, but according to the popular tax filing service Credit

Just Do It: The Bank of the Future Doesn’t Include Excuses

Traditional retail financial institutions can't become a true 'Bank of the Future' using the same strategies and the same cultural mindset that they had in the past. Banks and credit unions need to find the talent, leadership and strategic direction to disrupt the status quo. Representatives of major banks, US and

Bitcoin Cash Resources

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. It is a revolutionary decentralized digital cash. This resource page was created to curate the best information on a variety of subjects for novices and experts alike. This page is an ongoing project. I have done my best to include accurate, up to date information that is

In a Blow to Bitcoin, India Bans Banks from Dealing in Cryptocurrencies …

In what amounts to a major clampdown down on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced in a press release today, April 5, 2018, that it is banning banks and regulated financial entities from dealing with digital currencies. “In view of the associated risks, it has been

How to Avoid a Disaster When Switching Your Core Banking Platform

In the past, most financial services organizations have been focused on selling their services through a branch office, face-to-face. Today, the majority of sales are initiated through online or mobile channels. Unfortunately, the systems that adequately supported offline sales do a far less satisfactory job when asked to support the

Fintech: beware the fake news – FinTech Futures

Ben Robinson, Temenos In every aspect of life, sentiment overshoots. We overbuy and oversell securities. The political pendulum swings from left to right. Shops run out of ultra-fashionable goods only to heavily discount excess stock a couple months later. Ben Robinson, chief strategy officer at Temenos, explains how this is not a

Wealthtech In Switzerland: A short Overview | Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH

Wealthtech, a sub-category of fintech which involves creating digital solutions to transform the investment and asset management industry, is thriving. In 2016, wealthtech companies raised a record of US$796 million through 98 deals, according to CB Insights, and the sector is set to further grow in the years to come with

Arizona’s Governor Signs Latest Blockchain Bill Into Law – CoinDesk

Arizona corporations can now hold and share data on a blockchain following the signing of new legislation into law by the U.S. state's governor. The bill, first introduced by Representative Jeff Weninger, amends the Arizona Revised Statutes to recognize data written and stored on systems using the technology, as previously reported. Governor